get my full roadmap  to building and establishing your own bridal hairstyling career! created to propel you far in the wedding industry covering all the business logistics!

bridal hairstylist.

say hello to the 5 step roadmap to building your dream business as a 


Bridal Biz 101 is for you if:

  • You want to get started as a bridal stylist but you have no clue where to begin, what to do or what you’ll NEED

  • You know how to do hair but don’t know how to create a foundational business

  • You’re tired of being behind the chair, in the same salon five days a week 9 to 5

  • You feel like you’ve been working around the clock but your bank accounts don’t reflect it

  • You dabble as a bridal stylist but aren’t too sure if you hit every check point you need before you hit the road running full time

S T Y L E D  B Y  J O R D A N

Bridal Biz 101

I think you should just go for it.

After two years of beauty school I realized I hated cutting and coloring. I only liked the styling.

 It hit me: what if I could style hair only for weddings? 

 After all, that was what I loved doing. The braids, the curls, the dreamy stuff.

 I said, “I don’t think this is possible, but... I want to only do styling for events. No colors, no cuts, no shampoo washes, and I don’t want to work for anyone else.”

Now, here I am, a fully booked bridal stylist sharing the exact roadmap I used to create my business. 

Bridal business education is so rare in our corner of the industry right now. I was really happy to find this course and learn from Jordan who is KILLING IT in the business. I feel much more prepared in my business moving forward.”


Module 1: Highway 101

Inside of module one, you will create and plan your bridal business. Maybe you already have an idea or maybe you have no clue where to even start but you dream of having your own bridal biz. Module one will take the guesswork out of getting set up.

What you'll learn in Bridal Biz 101:

Module 2: Digital Direction

Do you feel unsure of where to start with contracts, project management, invoicing and proposals? (Basically all essential digital things for your biz?) You know that you need a good system down but you don’t know where to begin?

Stop procrastinating on the most important details, let's walk through exactly how to create a stable system for you, your clients and your biz! 

Module 3: Branding Blvd

Do you stare at social media all day and wonder what what you want yours like? Do you spend hours trying to wrap your head around what your website needs, what to post, how to plan content and even how to hashtag?

It's time to change that. I’ll share with you..

Module 4: Fuel Up

Inside of module four, we're chatting all the essentials -- you know, the things you'd need to do like socialize, self care, and setting boundaries. I'll walk you through networking tips to build relationships, self care tips + a few of my favorite routines as well as setting boundaries.

Module 5: Ready For Takeoff

Module five is all about ensuring your business continues to succeed. I'll walk you through my favorite ways to create a client experience and remembering the why of your business.

Oh, and i’ll send you off with some quick tips before you wrap up Bridal Biz 1o1!