S T Y L E D  B Y  J O R D A N

learn exactly what products i use, how i prep and how i create my most popular hairstyles. from timeless to boho, you'll COMPLETE THE STYLE SERIES knowing my top hairstyles.

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The Style Series

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Jordan Hix

Ever scrolling on social media and thought.. 

"How is this style created? I totally want to learn how to do hair like that."

I was there at one point, too. I was desperate to learn how to create breathtaking hairstyles to grow my business and chase my passion. Unfortunately when I was starting out there simply wasn't any education available for aspiring bridal hairstylists.

8 years into my career and I have defined my own artistry and style. Now I am giving you all the techniques so that you can create those dreamy hairstyles behind the chair, too!



  • Exactly how to step up your products and tools
  • What products and tools to use
  • How to prep your clients
  • How to create my highly requested twisted half up
  • How to master a boho half up with a fishtail braid
  • How to create a simple chic and easy updo
  • How to create a messy boho updo with a dutch braid
  • How to create the perfect timeless down style

module 1

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to products? There are just so many to try! How are we supposed to know what to buy, when to use it and what's worth setting up? Don't worry. That's what this module is all about!

I am a firm believer in less is more. Crunchy hair belongs in the year that we left Aqua Net in. 

We'll chat about the products and tools you'll be using and my recommendations. PLUS we'll learn TWO curl types - classic curls and volume curls to ensure you have the right curl for the right style!

module 2

I try not to pick favorites but I must admit I am a lover of simplicity. Although I am known for braids something about a simple curl or a sleek front with voluminous curls has me head over heels.

In the timeless series you'll learn how to create the following:
  • Sleek front with voluminous curls
  • Half Up with twists
  • Chic and simple updo

module 3

Calling all boho loving queens! This module is full of the fun stuff. From bubble braids to fishtail and dutch. You'll wrap up this module ready to braid all the boho brides and bridesmaids!

In the boho series you'll learn how to create the following:
  • Boho Updo with a dutch braid
  • Elsa inspired braid
  • Half Up with a fishtail + bubble braid

I need this!

So how much does it cost?

I wanted to create a course that could be accessible for bridal stylists at any point in their styling career. From beginners ready to invest in their business to established artists who need more inspiration.

The Style Series is available for $499.00!

“Bridal business education is so rare in our corner of the industry right now. I was really happy to find this course and learn from Jordan who is KILLING IT in the business. I feel much more prepared in my business moving forward.”

- @brittanidoeshair