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Best Clip-In Extensions (from a bridal hairstylist)



So you want fluffy braids, longer hair, or even more volume without the commitment to the upkeep and expense of extensions.. I get so many questions from my bride’s in regards to what’s best and where to get it so i’ve shared below my top 3 hair extension companies!


A few important things to know when it comes to hair extensions:

  • You may need to cut them prior to using them. Ask your regular stylist if they offer hair extension styling to ensure they match and blend with you hair properly

  • If a brand offers SEAMLESS, go for the seamless vs regular!

  • Always look for remy hair. Non-remy hair cannot be heat styled or colored.

  • Hair extension companies have color swatch samples! If you don’t find this information

on their website, try sending them an email!

  • Non-Remy hair extensions will most likely be less than $85. Good quality, true remy hair extensions can cost anywhere between $100-$500.

  • If you plan to wear extensions on your wedding day it’s very important to have them at your trial appointment as extensions can significantly change the overall style.

  • Always get a length longer than your hair. Below is my favorite chart from Zala Hair!


Top 3 Clip-In Extension Brands:


  3. Barefoot Blonde Hair 

  4. Luxy Hair



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