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5 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Day Hairstyle From A Hairstylist




1. Choose a style you are comfortable with. You don’t have to have an updo because it “feels” bridal, you still want to feel like yourself!
2. Don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion. Pick the one that makes you happiest!
3. Look around for inspiration. Not only what’s currently trending, but everywhere! We can take many different styles and make them into one custom style to fit your bridal hair dreams.
4. Work with your length – or consider extensions. If you’re pulling inspo of bride’s with really long hair and yours is only shoulder length, the style will never look exactly like the photo. (Yes, even if I do it exactly the same..) Every client’s hair color, length and density is different.
5. Embrace all that is YOU! You are beautiful. Your hair is beautiful. You will look breathtaking on your wedding day no matter what.



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