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Types Of Hair Accessories (& where to buy them!)



Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Hair accessories can be so confusing! What do I need? Well, what will work best with the style? Do I even want any accessories? Below i’ve shared the most common styles of bridal hair accessories and which styles they typically work best with!

  • Most common: “Comb”. This accessory has a curve-like shape to comfortable and securely fit within the style. Combs are very versatile and can work in almost any style. Some florists can also create fresh floral hair combs! (They are absolutely beautiful, too!)

  • Vines. I have such a love hate relationship with these. They are SO beautiful but they also tend to snag the hair so easily which creates more fly aways. Once you get it in place, it’s most likely not a good idea to take it out until you’re done for the day! These can also be versatile based upon the style as if you were to wear your hair down, it could be intertwined throughout the style but if you wear it up the vine could be draped over the updo!

  • Pins. These can be so fun! They are also incredibly easy to work with! I personally tend to use them in updos the most as they can be easily slid right into an updo! If they’re placed properly it can even have the full style and idea of a comb without the dedication to the whole comb piece!

  • A hat. A person fave. I love hats. Alllll the hats over here. Most boho brides love adding a hat for photo purposes! Hats are never ideal for an updo however if they are lightly worn they can be the perfect accessory to a down style or a half up style.

  • Loose Florals. Another fave, okay, okay, they’re all my faves. I just love the difference an accessory makes. Florals are 100% customizable! They’re versatile with any hairstyle and if you ask your florist you can order a bundle of individual florals that will match your bouquet perfectly! You can choose the color, the amount, and the placement! I’ll forever be a floral lover.

Now that you know all of the types of accessories, you probably need some recommendations on where to shop! Here are all of my current favorite places!

Sweet V Jewelry

Hair Comes The Bride

Olive & Piper


Twigs & Honey


Eucca Florals

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