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The Trick To Longer Lasting Curls



The highly requested “how did you get my curls to last so long?!”

I know many of you have asked for this so-called magic trick.. It’s honestly not a trick but instead just a tweak of your styling routine and you’ll be lasting all day! Here is my step-by-step curling process:

  1. Prep. Ensure your hair is 100% dry. No moisture. Zero, Zilch, Nada. Now is the time to put in your spray products. Not any creme based products, those should be used on damp hair as they add more moisture to the hair and we want it dry for styling!

  1. Section. I don’t do anything fancy when doing my own hair. Simple top and bottom sections.

  2. Curl. I like to use a 1 1/4 babyliss pro nano titanium curler. Curl as normal but the next step is key..

  3. WAIT! Don’t spray, don’t run your finger through it – literally leave it alone. Allow the curl to cool. (this really makes a difference. let alllll your curls cool until the whole head is done.)

  4. Brush. I brush allllll my curls out! That gives them the loose and fluffy, full bounce! Start at your ends and brush your way up! After brushing I simply run my fingers through the curls just to separate the curl a bit.

  5. Spray. Noooow is the time you can pick up that hairspray. Less is more in this situation. Too much hairspray not only makes your hair “crunchy” but hairspray is also heavy and too much can make your curl flat.

This is my step by step routine every time I curl my hair! Tried and true for myself and my clients! I hope this helps you!




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