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The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Prep Timeline



To ensure a seamless start to the best day ever –

12-9 months prior – Secure your beauty vendors! Start a beauty inspiration board!

6 months prior – Begin a skincare regimen if you don’t have one! This allows your skin time to adjust and clear of any current concerns! Also begin browsing hair and makeup inspo!

3 months prior – Have a nearly solid idea of how you want to look on the wedding day with hair and makeup + do your hair and makeup trials! Doing these within the 3 month mark is best to allow yourself to consider all possible beauty options before doing the trial!

6-8 weeks prior – A full color refresh + cut (nothing out of your ordinary, don’t impulsive do something drastically different) If you are wearing your hair half up and typically only do a partial highlight, you may want to ask your stylist to add some highlights around your hairline/neck line as a half up tends to reveal that darker bottom layer.

4 weeks prior – Create/review your wedding day beauty timeline. Avoid any overlapping of any services! Bride makeup first and hair last! Also begin teeth whitening!

2 weeks prior – Hair refresh! Any last minute changes you’d like to make. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe a gloss to freshen up the tone? A few baby lights of you want it brighter? A hair mask treatment?

1 week prior – Waxing, lashes, nails

Night before – Shampoo + condition hair. Clean and dry hair is what majority of bridal stylists work best with!

Reminder: Confirm all appointments and mark them on your calendar with reminder alerts! Wedding planning brain is a real thing and you won’t want to miss anything!

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