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10 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day



Wedding planning sounds all fun and games until it comes time for the big day and you realize some very important details were forgotten! Being the hairstylist and behind the scenes of these big days means I see all of it first hand so here are the most common things I suggest adding to your to-do list!

  1. Plan food for you and your bridal party while you get ready. Whether you order uber eats or pre-plan and have someone bring costco sandwhich trays! You’ll want to ensure every eats + stays hydrated the morning of.
  2. Bring lipstick to touch up with (a color close to the color you may wear the day of)
  3. Have a “go bag”. A bag you can keep deodorant, body spray, tampons, tums, tylenol, makeup touch ups in, etc.
  4. Designate a contact person for the day. Direct anyone and everyone to that point of contact so you don’t have to be overwhelmed.
  5. Don’t forget your transportation! If you’re getting ready offsite you need to plan in advance how you and your bridal party will get to the venue! Party bus, Uber, a friend, etc.
  6. Pack underwear for under your dress!
  7. Don’t forget the vows or the rings. Designate someone to this job. Make them in charge of bringing them.
  8. Are you wearing flowers in your hair? If you want your hairstylist to place them in your hair you need to make sure the florist brings them earlier in the day as the hairstylists sometimes leave before florals arrive. (Don’t forget to request these from your florist!)
  9. Wearing hair extensions? Remember to pack them. And get them cut/colored to blend!
  10. Don’t forget the steamer. You’ll want one of your girls (or a couple) to steam the dresses the morning of so they are wrinkle free!

Happy wedding planning!



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