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Why A Bridal Trial Is Important



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You’ve probably wondered, “do I need a bridal trial?” and honestly – I am a firm believer that every bride should have one! Below is a list why (from a bridal hairstylist!)

  • Get to know your hairstylist – after all you will be with them most of the morning on your best day ever

  • You get to try out styles before hand to ensure you’ll like them (it’s incredibly common for a bride to find inspiration photos and as much as they love the photos, every one looks different and the style may not be the right one after all)

  • You’ll be able to test whether or not the style will hold up all night long

  • You’re also trialing to ensure your stylist is capable of creating what you’re looking for

  • Extra consulting with your stylist will make the day go smoother so they will get the full picture (and you’ll feel more comfortable!)

The list for this topic can go on and on as I am clearly a firm believer in trial services but you probably get the point! QUICK TIP: Book your trial on a day you have other arrangements to get the most out of your hair! Whether it’s a bridal shower, dinner date, rehearsal, or even your dress fitting!




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