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A common belief in the hairstyling world that drives me crazy



Okay, you’ve probably heard me talk about this a time or two but it’s gotta be said.

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When I was in beauty school my lead instructor DRILLED it into us aspiring hairstylists that the only way to success was to specialize in hair coloring as a booth renter or to own a salon.

Well, 17 year old Jordan graduated and began the salon journey and hated it.

Everyday was an 8hr color correction, a boring haircut, and the same old, same old.

After going to beauty school for 1640 hours and passing the boards I was pretty bummed to realize I didn’t want to do this job. So I took a break. I managed a salon and figured I’d end up doing cuts and colors in the end because “what else is there to do?”.

UNTIL I saw a need for event hairstyling and realized it was already a whole industry on the up and up! I set out on the journey to pursue the dream of only doing the fun part of hairstyling – simply styling! No cuts, no colors, no salon, no return clients (okay maybe some for recurring special occasions like family photos/events).

I was styling hair for girls in my kitchen; they needed their hair done for the military ball but they were on a tight budget so I offered to do it for free! I mean, I wasn’t the best but I knew a general understanding you could say.

After styling these girls anytime they had an event, one of them reached out because she was engaged! One of my very first real wedding gigs (first in San Diego but 3rd wedding ever!). I agreed, gave her a quote and showed up to her hotel in Coronado, CA. It was the best day. Her name was Savannah, she was an absolutely stunning bride and I was so proud of myself and my styling that day. Let’s just say after that wedding I was hitting the ground running to chase this dream and do this everyday.

Moral of the story, you can niche down in ANYTHING you want. Think of your wildest dreams. Now take “wild” out – it’s a dream! It’s realistic. You can do whatever you want. Want to only style curly hair? Curly girls need that. Want to only offer straight hair services? Oh girl I am sure there are clients out there for you.

At the end of the day it IS all possible. It won’t happen over night but if you set your goal and stick to it for 3-4 years, you’ll be exactly where you have always dreamed of.

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