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Wedding Day Beauty Timelines



I get it – it can be overwhelming planning a wedding! Especially when it comes to the nitty gritty details such as timelines. Who goes first? When does the bride go? Hair or makeup first? What time do we have to be wrapped up? I am answering all of that and more below to make your wedding planning process a breeze..


The time that you start is actually going to be dependent on the time that you have to be finished. This time is based on multiple things such as the ceremony time, if you’re doing a first look, and essentially how much time your photographer needs with you before it’s actually go time!

Step 1: Ask your coordinator and/or photographer what time your bridal party needs to be finished with glam. Give them ceremony timing details, whether you’re doing a first look, and any other information needed.

Step 2: Relay this time to your makeup and hairstylist! (I personally create all of the timelines for my brides to ensure they have 1 less thing to do! If you’re one of my upcoming brides, don’t worry – I’ll email you one month before and send you a questionnaire!)

Note: most commonly makeup artists need 45mins-1hr for each client. Hairstylists need approximately 30-45 minutes! This varies depending on the artist and is only an example from my personal experiences.

If you have to be finished by x time, I always suggest rounding up an extra 15 minutes too! You’d be surprised at how many little things come up and this will give you extra time to breathe for a moment before the big day gets rolling and busy! Once glam is done it’s GO TIME!


Majority of venues do not allow access to the bridal suite early enough. (I am sorry if they lied to you when you toured the venue prior to booking. It is unfortunately a very big complaint from brides when it comes to dealing with their venues)

If your venue doesn’t allow access early enough in the day here is what my clients have done in the past:

Option 1: Get ready at a hotel/airbnb/home!

The best option there is. If you get ready at a hotel ensure you get the biggest possible room you can (I promise this investment will be worth it – you’ll want ample room for your artists to set up but you’ll also want room for all of your girls to hang out and relax)

Option 2: Get ready at 1 location and relocate to the venue when available

This is very dependent on your timeline situation. For example if you’re allowed access to the bridal suite at 1:00 and have to be ready by 2:00 it makes zero logic and is not possible. Keep in mind your artist would need time to re set up, you and your girls will need to unload dresses/etc and by 1:30 chances are your photographer is arriving and needs you for details.

IF you have 3+ hours of time available the bridal suite that is when it would more so make sense to relocate because you’d have time to get settled and glam maybe 2-3 girls. Any less than that unfortunately isn’t worth the hassle!

Important note: your hair and makeup artists most likely have relocation fees as well as the relocation not only takes up to an hour+ but it includes another set up/clean up/travel process.

If you are not allowed access to your bridal suite for getting ready, don’t worry! Majority of brides these days only use the bridal suite to get dressed and take “getting ready photos” (yes – all those dreamy, pretty photos of the bride getting her makeup done are usually staged)


Rule #1 if you are doing your timeline with a preference of order (aka who goes in what time slot!) is to always ensure hair and makeup services don’t overlap! Hairstylists need their clients in a lower chair to be able to reach every angle of their head while maintaining a health, pain free working posture while MUA’s need a taller chair!

When should the bride get her services done?

I personally always recommend hair last, makeup first for the bride.

I recommend hair last because makeup will 1. want your hair pinned back and out of the way and 2. if makeup gets in your hair it’s easier to wash out if your hair isn’t styled and 3. setting sprays/pinning the hair can significantly affect the style and once your hairstylist is finished with services she does clean up and leave therefore you would have to touch up any errors yourself unless you hired the artist to stay longer.

I also suggest the bride going towards the end of the timeline but not necessarily last. Last is fine however when your photographer and videographer show up to begin detail photos they will be asking you 1 million questions and chances are you will need to get up and get things for them/chat/etc and this will significantly delay your beauty service which will then delay the photographers which then delays the rest of the day.

If you would prefer to be last I HIGHLY suggest putting EVERY detail in one box and designating a bridesmaid to answer all questions the photographers may have to ensure you can stay seated the whole time you get your hair/makeup done.

Timeline Example:

9:45 Jordan Arrives for Setup

10:00 BM 1

10:30 BM 2

11:00 BM 3

11:30 BM 4

12:00 BM 5

12:30 MOB

1:00 Bride

1:45 Touch Ups

2:00 Finished

Additional Important Notes:

  • Your MUA + Hairstylist will give you important prep information it is key that you relay this information to every one in your bridal party that is receiving a service. If someone in your schedule does not follow proper preparation guidelines such as arriving with wet hair it can significantly delay your timeline and your artist may have additional fees to add on last minute services.
  • If locations or times change it is also so so important to notify your team asap to ensure they arrive at the right location at the right time!
  • Staying at a hotel? Set a reminder the night before your wedding to text your artists your room number!
  • Communicate with your party and ensure they all have inspiration for their hair and makeup! (Also give them any requests you may have as the bride!)

Happy wedding planning!

Xo, your hairstylist bestie Jordan

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