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This past August, I went on a two week Europe trip to France and Italy. This was my first time traveling to Europe so I did a lot of research on how & what to pack for my time there. Here’s what I brought with me on my trip & how I organized all my outfits.

Here are a few tips I learned…

  1. Use packing cubes to keep your clothes organized
  2. Find a suitcase that is durable and can handle the cobblestone streets in Europe
  3. Bring comfortable shoes!!!
  4. Pack travel sized items to save room

When packing for my trip, I tried to bring clothes that were lightweight and easy to mix & match with one another. I had limited room in my suitcase so I wanted to try and maximize the outfits I could bring.

How I packed everything in my suitcase:

-I used packing cubes to separate clothing items: one for tops, one for bottoms, one for activewear, and one for dresses

-I put all of my shoes in a shoe bag or packing cube to keep the rest of my suitcase from getting dirty

-I packed my makeup/toiletries in a makeup bag to prevent them from leaking

Creating an Outfit Dairy:

I also wanted to make sure when packing to not overpack and bring clothes that I wouldn’t wear. To help with this, I created an outfit diary in my notes app, so I could keep track of everything I packed during my trip & remember how I wanted to wear each item.

To create your own outfit diary, follow these steps…

  1. Take photos of you wearing each outfit you want to pack
  2. Press and hold down on the photo to use the Iphone cutout tool
  3. Copy and paste the cutout into your notes app

Tip: Depending on how many outfits you are packing, you can also organize the cutouts by day & night or by trip location.



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